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Shenzhen Eonko Star Electronics Co. Ltd, also known as Eonko International Co., Limited, is a professional supplier of all kinds of electronics and accessories. Our main products are Bluetooth Speakers,Bluetooth Microphones,Portable Radios,Memory Cards,USB Flash Drives and Accessories.Relying on our over 10 years of export experience in the electronics field and close to the biggest Asia's electronics trading market - Huaqiang, we are committed to providing all-around electronic products experience, and services from product making/purchasing, testing to delivery.We have our own factories and also cooperate with other factories, with more than hundreds of private models available.......
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Shenzhen Eonko Star Electronics Co., Ltd

Eonko International Co., Limited   

Contact: Fred Lee(Sales Director)

Tel: 0086-755-83216302

Mobile: 0086-13631566274

Fax: 0086-755-83749391

Email: sales@eonkointer.com

Skype: eonkointer

QQ: 865538652

Product Show
  • Taxi style Car Bluetooth Speaker WS-1958BT with LED Light,support TF/USB/FM/Handsfree/AUX

  • Fashion Style Car Bluetooth Speaker WS-389BT with LED Light,support TF/USB/FM/Handsfree/AUX

  • Fashion Style Car Bluetooth Speaker WS-558BT with LED Light,support TF/USB/FM/Handsfree/AUX

  • Fashion Style Car Bluetooth Speaker WS-538BT with LED Light,support TF/USB/FM/Handsfree/AUX

  • Taxi Bluetooth Speaker WS-1937BT with LED Light,support TF/USB/FM/Handsfree/AUX

  • Bus Bluetooth Speaker WS-267BT with LED Light,support TF/USB/FM/Handsfree/AUX

  • Dog Speaker CH-M11 big size,support bluetooth/tf/usb/fm/handsfree/aux

  • Dog Speaker CH-M10 medium size,support bluetooth/tf/usb/fm/handsfree/aux

  • Dog Speaker CH-M12 small size,support Bluetooth/TF/USB/FM/Handsfree/AUX

  • L-288 Portable Super Bass Stereo FM Radio,support TF/USB/AUX/Repeat function/LED dispplay/Lock Button/Rechargeable Battery

  • L-388 FM Solar Radio,support TF/USB/AUX/LCD Display/Rechargeable Battery

  • L-258 all band AM/FM/SW Portable Radio,support TF/USB/AUX/LED Display

  • L-088 Super Bass FM Radio King,support TF/USB/AUX/LED Flashlight/Rechargeable battery

  • True Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earpod A1-TWS with Mic and Charging Dock

  • Bluetoooth Headphone with TF/FM,private models

  • 40W Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker M83

  • L-698 15W Bluetooth Microphone Speaker

  • EWA A115 Metal Buetooth Speaker

  • New Iron Man Wireless Bluetooth Speaker C-89

  • 9W Bluetooth Microphone Speaker L-598

  • Portable FM Radio L-238,with TF/USB/AUX/Repeat/LED Display

  • Portable FM Radio L-228 with LCD Display,Can Display Lyrics,Memory Radio,Repeat,TF/USB/AUX

  • Portable FM Radio L-558 with Dual TF Card Slot and Dual Battery,AM Optional

  • Big Bluetooth Speaker 16W TG-503

  • Hot Sale Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker TG-113

  • Remote/Induced Toy drones,Flying Heroes,Easy to use,gift for kids

  • Pocket Portable Radio,ultra small and cute,support TF/USB/FM/Disco Light

  • Bluetooth Multimedia Square Speaker L-398

  • Universal 360° Magnetic Car Mount Kit Sticky Stand Holder, For Mobile phone,different auto logos

  • Wireless Headphone SD-2898BT with Bluetooth Speaker/TF/FM/Handsfree/LED Light

  • Mini Bluetooth Speaker B12

  • Watch phone style Speaker B20,support Bluetooth/TF/FM/Handsfree/Autodyne

  • Bluetooth Speaker DS-716 with 2000mah power bank,support Bluetooth/TF/USB/FM/Handsfree/power bank

  • Dual Channel AM/FM Super Bass Stereo Radio L-288AMBT,supports Bluetooth/TF/USB/Handsfree/Alarm Clock/Lock

  • New Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker BTS-08

  • Ultra Mini Radio Speaker EK-938,support TF/USB/FM/Display

  • Multi-function 5 Ports USB Hub Card Reader Speaker

  • Cool LED Bluetooth Speaker MY300BT

  • Hot stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SDY-019 with 5W*2 output

  • Mini Pill Bluetooth Speaker Y28S with LED Light

  • Cheap Wireless LED Bluetooth Speaker N20

  • Outdoor Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker EK-319 with Waterproof,Dustproof,Anti-Scratch,Shockproof

  • Microphone Bluetooth Speaker JY-13 with holder

  • Car Bluetooth Speaker DS-H5BT with LED light

  • Hot Bluetooth Speaker X60 with colorful LED light

  • Private LED Bluetooth Speaker ML-35U

  • Mini Bluetooth Speaker X3S with LED Light

  • colorful light Bluetooth Speaker Q602

  • Private Bluetooth Speaker ML-28U

  • Bluetooth Speaker Xone

  • LED Bluetooth Speaker Q600 with screen

  • Bluetooth Speaker C1 with Colorful light

  • 360 degree rotated bluetooth speaker D-298

  • SD Card 128GB

  • Micro SD Card 128GB

  • Private Bluetooth Speaker SDY-033

  • Pulse bluetooth speaker with LED light show

  • Bluetooth Speaker MY500BT

  • USB 3.0 Flash Drives

  • Mini USB Flash Drive

  • SE9 Mini Metal USB Flash Drive-hot!!!

  • Mini Speaker T-2020

  • Private Portable FM Radio Speaker L-218

  • Private Portable Radio Speaker L-198

  • Private Poratble Radio King Speaker L-088AM with Super Bass,HOT SELL!!!

  • Hot Bluetooth Speaker T-2020A

  • SD Card 32GB

  • Micro SD card 4GB