Bluetooth Speaker
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Hot Bluetooth Speaker T-2020A


Main function:

    • Support Bluetooth/USB/TF/FM radio/phone calls

    • Good sound & good price

  • Open space effective distance 20m, there is an obstacle, as the signal weakens, the distance will be shortened

  • Diamond Bluetooth version boot, using a mobile phone/tablet computer search to speaker is the speaker

  • With card function, can support up to 16G

  • No sound requires a long press play button to switch to playback mode after 5 computer, connected to the computer

  • Standard: Bluetooth stereo + manual

  • Can be configured according to the buyer's increased chargers, other capacity memory cards

  • This section is a portable Bluetooth mini speaker, the metallic appearance, carrying its own rechargeable lithium batteries, is a professional portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, bass and mellow, perfect sound

  • Parameters:

    • Input voltage: 5V DC-800mA

    • Carrying power: 5W

    • Speaker size: 40mmx2

    • Frequency range: 200Hz-20kHz

    • Output power: 4Ω

    • SNR ≥ 90dB

    • Lithium battery

    • Output voltage: 5V DC/500mA

  • Functions/features:

    • Has a Bluetooth function, Bluetooth 2.0 or above, Bluetooth phones can receive data, music player, will DC5V adapter access side of the machine "DC5V" charging port on the machine

    • 3.5 stereo audio cable into the "LINE IN" interface allows external audio input, portable FM radio, which can be accessed TF card music player, can be connected to computer phone, MP3, MP4, PC and other devices with audio output

  • Three product configuration and packaging specifications:

    • Configuration: USB cable, audio cable headed

    • Model:T-2020A

    • Color:Black,Silver,Red,Blue,Pink

    • Size: 56 * 59.5mm

    • Package size: 114 * 70 * 70mm

    • Carton size: 58 * 36 * 29cm the world 's strongest and most mini subwoofer come, super bass Oh, external sources, card player, Bluetooth connectivity play, get a machine

    • Standard: charging cable and an audio cable, a small speaker, a manual, beautifully packaged box