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Portable FM Radio L-558 with Dual TF Card Slot and Dual Battery,AM Optional


Portable FM Radio L-558 with Dual TF Card Slot and Dual Battery,AM Optional

Product Description
1. Can play MP3 music from TF1/TF2 card and USB flash drive(MAX 16G);
2. With FM radio, radio can automatically scan and memory channels;
3. With audio line in jack, can easily and perfectly to connect to your computer, MP3,
  MP4, mobile phones,iphones,PSP, etc;
4. With standard earphone jack, available for earphones to listen to radio and music;
5. Be available to select radio channels and music with 0-9 number buttons. it is user-friendly;
6. With music repeating function, can control to repeat the current ONE/ALL MP3 file;  
7. With two 1200MAH rechargeable 18650 Lithium battery, can charge by connecting USB charging cable to computer or USB power adapter, or by universal charger, etc;  Can player over 10 hours even in biggest sound after fully charged;
8. Charging indicator will turn green after fully charged;
9. In TF1/TF2 or USB mode, when power off, can playback last moment when power on next time;
10. With LED colors flashing display screen
11. With UV coating surface.

(1) Input power: 5V 500MA          
(2) Maximum output: 3W
(3) Battery capacity: 2*1200mAh (marked 1500MAH) rechargeable 18650 battery
(4) Signal to Noise: 87dB               
(5) Decoding format: MP3 (8-320Kbps)
(6) Frequency response: 120HZ-20KHZ 
(6) FM radio: 87.5-108MHz; 
(7) Internal magnetic loud Speaker: 40MM 3ohm 5W
(8) Charging time: 5-6 hrs          
(9) Play time: >=10 hrs
(10) Size: L135*W30*H68mm