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Domestic first multi-point and multi chamber WIFI lossless abDomestic first multi-point and multi chamber WIFI lossless


From our country enterprise independent R & D latest Internet WIFI intelligent sound SonicShareT1 design is available worldwide, this is the reporter from the R & D companies - Shenzhen even enjoy Creative Technology Limited was informed of the latest. According to authoritative sources, SonicShareT1 new products will debut in 2015 January, the America Las Vegas CES exhibition at the appointed time, even enjoy technology will join the world famous network music makers Grooveshark and Deezer global conference held at the CES expo. Taking advantage of the world's largest CES exhibition held the highest level of global conference, even enjoy profound science and technology plan, intended to create music with the global network is the core of the playing system, which entered the main retail channels in Europe and america.

Domestic first multi-point and multi chamber WIFI lossless audio to be listed

It is understood that, once a year the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is the world's largest consumer technology products trade fair. Held every January in Las Vegas USA. Every year during the exhibition, there will be many new products in this release. The Chinese first multi point multi room WIFI lossless audio SonicShareT1 is the global market news, 2015 is one of the heavy news exhibition. SonicShareT1 is portable and high quality sound with nondestructive, personalized appearance and accessories follow one's inclinations, social networking applications to find, using the network function, powerful, network interactive function can be extended, multi player mode allows playing control more personalized, with industrial grade technology to ensure stable and reliable broadcast, perfect the enjoyment of hearing.

Domestic first multi-point and multi chamber WIFI lossless audio to be listed

It is reported, this and even enjoy international partners in a joint release technology is Grooveshark, it is most important to the global online music search one of the audition and storage service website. Another co issued by international partners are France's Deezer, it is the most popular European online music sharing sites, not only provide customers of Internet radio stations and can also search for the band and the song. In addition to the British CNN, BBC, USA ABC provides support for the international version of our content to listen to, and China edition content to listen to music is composed of small shrimp, dragonfly FM, Phoenix FM provide.

According to reports, this is Chinese Internet WIFI intelligent sound the first worldwide release, the industry influence great significance. Represents the China intelligent sound enterprises have been walking in the forefront of the international industry.