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The new HIFI era giant Hivi M200A will be listed


As a representative of the high-end market Hivi multimedia speakers, M200 created the PC HIFI era, let the computer can also listen to HIFI. Elegant atmosphere modelling, balanced perfect sound quality, M200 and its successor M200MKII in its total fifteen years has become the benchmark for the high-end multimedia speakers, Hivi M200 myth has extended to every corner of the world, won the praise of numerous, milepost the classical degrees already included in PC multimedia sound box.

The new HIFI era giant -HiVi M200A will be listed Hivi

As a renowned international world top audio manufacturers, adhering to Hivi continuous technological innovation concept, with the acoustic world class design, Hivi launch for intelligent mobile phone, ultra-thin TV and computer of a new generation of the new upgrade product M200A, upcoming overall appearance, continues as a have very high visibility and reputation of the audience applauded again "" products, M200A will reflect a comprehensive upgrade and optimization from function to performance!

The new HIFI era giant -HiVi M200A will be listed Hivi

With the diversification of multimedia entertainment terminal, audio and video enthusiasts use mobile devices to listen to music in a way more common. Mobile equipment manufacturers are also more and more attention to the quality of high fidelity tone, mobile phone, Bluetooth equipped tablet computer, iPad and mini nondestructive player more and more. HiVi M200A upgrade the biggest bright spot is built in 4.1 high fidelity audio new Bluetooth receiving module. As the most widely used Bluetooth transmission technology in the mobile terminal, the addition of high fidelity Bluetooth module can make listening to music more free.

The new HIFI era giant -HiVi M200A will be listed Hivi

In the acoustical design of box, M200A extension of the M200 series of classic design consistent, applied to the HiFi speaker sound phase synchronization techniques used in M200A multimedia speakers, calculated by the Hivi engineer professional acoustics and precise debug front baffle, acoustic elevation design and unit arranged "quasi point source" design, make a high the bass unit of different frequency sound can also reach the listener's ears, to avoid the emergence of bass delay phase difference, sound perfectly together, completely eliminate the general multimedia speakers produced in near field when using the treble and bass "segmentation" sense of hearing.

In the unit with, 25mm soft dome tweeter with high quality bass unit 5.25 inch gold match will also be retained, TN25 as a Hivi classic tweeter, its sound sweet, delicate, transparent, as it won the "High King" reputation in the sound in the game player, is also attracting M200 series one of a group and a group of music fancier favorite important factors.

The new HIFI era giant -HiVi M200A will be listed Hivi

Classic and elegant shape, the pursuit of high fidelity sound quality, and new high specification of the Bluetooth technology to join endowed with use of M200A new direction, make all kinds of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and lossless high quality Walkman can be more free to listen to high fidelity music, a wireless HIFI generation coming will open by the Hivi M200A! More surprises will be officially listed on the M200A for everybody!