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Sandisk MicroSDHC 32GB C4 Memory Card


Sandisk MicroSDHC 32GB C4 Memory Card

Product description

Capacity:32GB  |  Style:Class 4

Product description

microSD mobile memory cards are the ideal companion for multimedia phones because they plug right inside the phone providing immediate expansion of memory storage needed for carrying more music, video, photos, games, and mobile software applications in the latest generation of phones

From the Manufacturer

SanDisk® microSDHC™ 32GB Memory Card

Your phone goes everywhere you do, so put it to good use. With a SanDisk® microSDHC™ memory card, you can fit more on your phone and move it between devices with ease. Videos, tunes, pics, ring tones, games, data—it all fits, with room for more.

So wake up your phone™ with:

More tunes — up to 4,000 songs with you everywhere you go
More photos — over 4,800 shots of whatever you want
More videos and movies — up to 84 hours worth—great for your next flight from Reno to Reykjavik by way of Rome
More games — room for so many games your thumbs may cramp up